About Us

UCS, United Carbon Solutions, Premium Coconut Shell


Based near Coimbatore in Kangayam, South India and surrounded by a natural abundance of coconut shells, the UCS factory is the leading manufacturer of Coconut Shell and Wood based Activated Carbon in the whole of Asia.

We are specialist producers of high-quality Coconut Shell and Wood Activated Carbon and already enjoy long-term relationships with a number of branded distributors and end-user manufacturers. Our products are relied on in industrial and retail applications throughout Europe, the US, Japan and beyond.

Our success is down to our unique production infrastructure. We produce our own raw materials, including the supply of Coconut Shell charcoal, which in turn ensures that we can deliver Quality and Competitiveness with all of our products.

Following 10 years of experience processing raw coconut shell into the charcoal required for production of Activated Carbon, UCS was founded by 5 close friends sharing a vision to become the World’s leading manufacturer of high-quality Activated Carbons. That friendship and seed of investment in a state-of-the-art modern factory has seen the company grow into a strong and stable business operation that has become the hallmark of our identity – a tree with strong roots, adaptable, eco-aware and always growing which is reflected by our company logo.

Activated Carbons enjoy an extremely wide utilisation across many industries globally. Historically, positioned as a ‘Private Label’ manufacturer, UCS has often worked in the background – carrying out development and manufacturing work in order to deliver our products for use worldwide; relying on the strength of our quality, pricing and our dedication to product delivery.

We invite users and buyers of Activated Carbons derived from Coconut Shell or Wood to get in contact with us directly to see our capabilities, samples, specifications and prices first-hand.