What do we do?

UCS, United Carbon Solutions, Premium Coconut Shell


Originally a supplier of raw material to old Activated Carbon producers, the first UCS Activated Carbon factory was founded in 2010 near Kangayam by 5 friends with extensive experience in the Coconut Charcoal industry.

Combining state-of-the-art technology and modern Western management with our long-established position as Asia’s leading Coconut Charcoal business has helped us to grow our factory into a strong and dependable partner to all of our clients around the World.

The company pro-actively engages in a continuous process of planning, implementing, evaluating and revising all activities within the business. We assess everything that we do, and focus at all times on improving our products, our people and our business. With this approach, we have seen a strong and positive reaction from the market where our products are welcomed for their high quality and good value alongside our attentive and diligent customer service. This is down to a combination of broad, client-focused thinking by our Board of Directors and dynamic management by our executive teams to realise the vision of an Activated Carbon producer that is a partner rather than just a distant Asian supplier.