UCS, United Carbon Solutions, Premium Coconut Shell

Specialist Activated Carbons made for your Specialist Application

In addition to being able to produce any existing client specification of Coconut Shell and Wood Activated Carbon, UCS also has a series of application specific product ranges designed not only to match, but to exceed generic and commonly available grades of Activated Carbon.

Following a decade of study on the most popular grades of Activated Carbon already sold in the market, our team of R&D Engineers have been able to convert that experience into performance optimised Activated Carbons that are designed with specific applications from the outset.

Activated Carbons enjoy an extremely wide utilisation across many industries globally. Historically, positioned as a ‘Private Label’ manufacturer UCS has often worked in the background – carrying out development and manufacturing work in order to deliver our products for use worldwide; relying on the strength of our quality, pricing and our approach to product delivery.

We invite users and buyers of Activated Carbons derived from Coconut Shell or Wood to get in contact with us directly to see our capabilities, samples, specifications and prices first-hand.