United Carbon Solutions presents the AIR-EX range of Coconut Shell Activated Carbons. AIR-EX represents a new standard in Activated Carbons for Air & Gas applications and is the latest iteration of UCS products created from a long history supplying a wide variety of air treatment clients. We have a good history of producing carbons for client applications ranging from large scale panel filters, to automotive cabin air filters with experience in the personal air treatment fields of respirators and cigarette filters.

Our AIR-EX carbons are already delivering front-line service globally as a critical key component in a number of leading brands for air quality products and technical systems.

AIR-EX carbons are characterised by their low-density, very high hardness, homogenous particle sizes and very high adsorptive capacity of a wide number of substances.

In addition to the standard AIR-EX range of Coconut Shell Activated Carbons, we can further distinguish performance as required with the following optional product features including:

Chemical impregnation to complement standard physisorption capabilities with chemisorption of an even wider range of Substances – including, but not limited to:
– NaOH
– KI
– Cu variants
– H3PO4
– Custom impregnations and Multi-impregnation as required

We look forward to showing you more about who we are and what we can do.