United Carbon Solutions is pleased to introduce the AUR-EX range of Coconut Shell Activated Carbons. AUR-EX carbons represent a new style of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon with improved performance within all types of Gold Recovery circuit. With continued experience as a private-label manufacturer of standard Gold recovery specification Activated Carbon, the UCS team were able to distil the concept of an optimised Gold recovery Activated Carbon into the AUR-EX range of products. In this configuration, the AUR-EX carbons seek to deliver maximum performance with minimal losses regardless of the Gold Circuit layout.

Additionally, conscious of the ever present need to optimise costs, AUR-EX carbons are competitively priced to offer irresistible value and performance to any gold mine operation.

AUR-EX carbons are characterised by their high hardness, high density, circuit optimised platelet-free particle shape and sizing alongside best-in-class adsorption rates (R-value) and capacity (K-value) across all low-ash grade variants.

We look forward to showing you more about who we are and what we can do.