United Carbon Solutions – the leading producer of Coconut Shell Activated Carbons in Asia is pleased to announce our best-in-class range of Water Treatment Activated Carbons. AQU-EX is a next generation range of Coconut derived products born out of 10 years research and development supporting some of the largest names in the Water Treatment industry throughout Europe, the USA and Japan. We’re proud to see our Activated Carbons in use every day around the World as a critical component in many of the best-known home and industrial brands of water filters operating in both POU and POE applications.

AQU-EX Coconut Shell Activated Carbons are characterised by their strong de-chlorination capability, high hardness, low ash and optimised particle size distributions allowing the very best performance in water treatment applications.

In addition to the standard AQU-EX range of Coconut Shell Activated Carbons, we can further distinguish performance as required with the following optional product features including, but not limited to:

– Acid and/or Water Washed products
– Catalytic Carbon products
– Silver Impregnated products
– Custom particle size distribution products
– Low-silica products
– Ultra-low ash products
– High purity products
– pH adjusted products

In line with our commitment to the ethos of the Water Treatment industry, all UCS wastewater outputs at our factory in Kangayam are treated at our in-house wastewater and effluent processing plant. We are dedicated to ensuring that our outlets to the surrounding environment have a net positive effect on the grounds around our facilities.

We look forward to showing you more about who we are and what we can do.